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Mindful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here- and with it comes the start of the Holiday season. This time of year is magical, and much needed in these unprecedented times. However, like we’ve talked about before, this school break will come with its own challenges regarding focus and prioritizing education!

I have a set of challenges for you to consider and hopefully participate in to make your Thanksgiving week fun, but also manageable and full of education- effortlessly. It is very important to incorporate education into daily activities now because of the new adventure we are all tackling in at-home learning.

🍎 This week, make sure you maintain structure and organization. Around the holidays, it can be hard to focus and maintain the lines that have now been even further blurred between education and free time at home. Maintaining strong boundaries by writing out a schedule for your children or designating areas for work and areas for play in your home can help maintain focus when it is so desperately needed. Make sure you remind yourself and your students this week that their assignments are still due and still must be completed before holiday merriment can ensue!

🍎 An important task I urge you to do this week is to talk to your children about being thankful. During times like these, it is especially important to reflect on what we have to be grateful for. Also, exercises like this can help to build emotional maturity and communication skills, which, as we know, are important in all aspects of life.

🍎 After Thanksgiving, we all know Black Friday comes. This year, use Black Friday as a learning tool- have your younger children point out colors, read tags, and describe textures to you. This exercise is a great way to improve communication skills! For your older children, have them tell you the prices of items, and maybe even calculate discounts! This exercise is an awesome and relevant way to teach functional math to older children.

🍎 Lastly, I want to encourage each of you to consider kindness and generosity as we enter this time of frenzied gift buying. While many of us are fortunate to buy nice things for our family and friends, many are not. I challenge you to purchase at least one item on Black Friday for donation, or to seek out a family that needs sponsoring this Christmas if you are able. Not only will it make a child and a parent smile, but these action will set an example of selflessness to the next generation. Remember, children often learn by watching and imitating- so set an example of selflessness and generosity!

Remember this week to stay organized, stay focused, stay positive, and stay kind. It has been a crazy year, and as we enter this holiday season- I feel that we should make the most of it. Schedule and complete the necessary tasks/assignments/chores so that you and your family can truly relax and enjoy this holiday. Be thankful and be merry! See you next week 😉

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