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Motivating Memes and More!

Who doesn’t love a good meme? I know I do...but have you ever thought about them in relation to motivation? Probably not, so I want to share how to make memes meaningful and motivating. Creating and/or looking at memes related to school topics your children/students are working on can be highly beneficial for their interest level in the subject. It’s always nice to have a laugh, and laughter is a great motivator to stay invested in learning. This week, I am challenging you all to use humor in memes as a motivator. Have your children create memes, or find a few on your own to show them! Hopefully, this will help motivate them to stay the course in school, do their chores, or maintain anything they may be struggling with.

Use this website to safety create one for school:

Stay tuned this week on Instagram for another #TutorTipTuesday. This week focuses on diphthongs, which are vowel teams that make a “whiner” sound. Diphthongs are a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, specifically when the sound begins as one vowel and moves toward another (as in coin, loud, book, etc.). These are called whiners because of the noise the transition in vowels makes! These are another important part of speech and literacy that some students can sometimes have trouble with, so make sure you pick up this week's tip!

I have an awesome organizational tactic for YOU to try out this week along with your students/children. It’s called The Power List, which is a great way for keeping track of daily goals. If you cannot accomplish it in a day, it would not go on this list. This list is meant to help you orient yourself in the things you need to accomplish each day and motivate you to complete them. Just make sure you choose tasks that you have control of and not tasks that are dependent on other people. Also, make sure that you can feasibly accomplish these goals within your day. The Power List is something that helps organize and motivate me, so I would love for you to try it out and let me know what you think! Learn more here:

For this weeks #FunctionalFriday, I am going to be focusing on the kitchen. I grew up knowing that the kitchen was the heart of the home. In the kitchen, I learned to cook, do the dishes, and spend some of my fondest memories with my family because we had dinner every night together. I want to pass along many important life skills for the kitchen to your children or students. Here is a list of basic kitchen cleaning to start with:

  • Empty the trash

  • Wash dishes when you use them/put them in the dishwasher

  • Wipe down counters and counter fronts

  • Sweep/mop floors

  • Wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before and after handling food

  • Load the dishwasher with cups on the top rack, dishes on the bottom, sorting utensils in the basket

I want to leave you with this: we have almost made it through the first month

of 2021! I’m so proud of you and of the steps you have taken towards your goals this year, step by step, day by day. Talk to your students about what they’ve done to accomplish their goals and see how you can assist them.

Have a great week! - Genny

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