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Post Spring Break Sprint!

Happy April everyone! Guess what? There are only TEN WEEKS left in the school year (at least here in New Jersey)! 😱 This is your #MotivationalMonday tip: ten months has come down to ten weeks, so let’s make the most of it! Optimize what’s left by continuing your daily to-do lists (aka the Power List) and maintaining productive routines. Don’t forget to infuse best health practices, too: exercise, rest, drink water, eat well, and make sure all critical tasks are getting done! This is applicable to anyone at ANY age. You’ve got this, and summer will be your reward!

This week’s #TutorTipTuesday is the C vs. K spelling rule, which relies entirely on the vowels! Consonant “c” pronounced as “k” can come almost anywhere in the word and comes before the vowels a, o, and u. The letter “k” comes before the vowels e, i, or y. A fun rhyme I sometimes use with kids is, “K takes i and e...C takes the other three!” Obviously, this can be a tricky concept and can be super confusing for students IF NOT GIVEN EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION. Stay tuned on my Instagram & Facebook for my tutor tips on teaching this concept! I’ll also be talking about how beginning blends “sc” vs. “sk” follow the same rules!

I like to do #ThankfulThursday every once in a while to remind myself, and all of you, to take time to appreciate all that you have. This week, I am thankful for my ability to learn and to teach. Being a teacher and a tutor is committing to lifetime learning. As concepts and methods grow and change, so must I, and I am so thankful for my mind’s ability to adapt and want to soak all new things in! This is especially true for me in the areas of brain development, science of reading, and structured literacy for all individuals, with AND without dyslexia. This week, talk with your students about how amazing their minds are that they can learn and think for themselves in any area that excites them.

This Friday, April 9, is National Unicorn Day! 🦄 Over the decades, even centuries, unicorns have had an important place in pop culture and mythology. Today, especially with our youngsters, they are all the range. As we celebrate Unicorn Day, we are not only referring to myths, but about the magic, carefree spirit, and simple joys they bring. Fun legendary fact: Touching the unicorn’s single horn symbolizes good fortune and healing powers. We should celebrate the unicorn in each of us - all of the bits and pieces that make each of us unique, magical and beautiful!

Here is a fun Unicorn Coloring Page for you or your child/student:


Finally, Saturday, April 10, is National Siblings Day! 👨 ‍👩 ‍👧‍ 👧 We all know that family members/loved ones are important, and so is spending quality time with them. Here are a list of activities siblings can do this weekend to celebrate each other:

  • Picnic together with favorite snacks and drinks 🍎

  • Play Board games 🎲

  • Go on a treasure hunt game 💎

  • Enjoy Family dinner 🍱

  • Craft together (e.g. slime, bracelet making, scrapbook, picture collages, etc.) 🎨

  • Play a few rounds of Sibling trivia (ask questions about each other!) 📚

  • Have a just-for-siblings movie night 🎥

Any activity where you all participate and interact with each other is a WIN!

Remember to be thankful for your siblings, whether blood or chosen!

As always, have a great week!

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