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Study, Study, Study!

Happy Monday everyone!

In most public schools, we are quickly coming to the end of the school year! However, before we can close our books and enjoy the summer, we have to face end-of-year testing. So this week's blog is going to be a little different. As we approach this testing, I am providing this as a comprehensive blog on reverse planning and studying for your students. If you have been following the blog for some time already, then have heard the “talk” about reverse planning and studying before. If this is your first read through, come along for the ride. I wholeheartedly believe in this method and believe that it can help anyone be successful if they are willing to put in the work.

Reverse planning is exactly what it sounds like - planning in reverse. You start with your end goal and work your way backward to develop your plan of action. Doing this creates a clear pathway to success and is a great way to maintain focus and stay on track. This is an awesome study tactic for everyone, but it is especially great for students who struggle with focus and organization.

How do you apply reverse planning to studying? It's simple!

  • Know the test date or project due date.

  • Know who or what you're studying with and from what materials.

  • Ask the teacher for a study guide. Especially make-a-test & answer key methods.

  • Then create a study schedule so all material is covered!

Here is an example:

Test date: May 24th

Materials covered: punctuation rules, vocabulary, parts of speech

Study schedule:

May 17th: review punctuation rules

May 18th: review vocabulary words

May 19th: review parts of speech

May 20th: create practice test

May 21st and 22nd: take practice tests and review problem areas

I also want to provide a helpful template to kick-start your planning:

I hope this will help your students be prepared and successful this test season! What are your best study tips? Share them with me via Instagram and I'll share them with my audience!

Have a great week!

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