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Summer Studies and Motivation

Hey everyone, I’m back!

We are smack in the middle of summer vacation and I hope you are all enjoying this break from school as much as I am. However, I want to make sure your children aren’t losing the skills they worked so hard to develop during the last school year. So, I want to provide a list of fun and educational summer activities to keep students engaged and refreshed over the summer.

1. Explore, explore, explore! Your backyard, the park across the street, or even the nearby stream are great places to explore and learn. Have your children identify and pronounce different landmarks (i.e. trees, bushes, streams) and their colors. If you run into any critters you can discuss those as well as how they contribute to the environment. Science, identification, and communication skills all teamed with an active activity!

2. Employ a reading list! This does not need to be an exhaustive list of educational books. It is recommended to make sure that students are maintaining and growing their reading and comprehension skills over the summer. If your child enjoys comic books- create a goal around reading a certain number of comic books! If your child loves to read chapter books, do the same. Tailor this educational activity to be an enjoyable goal.

3. Excursions! If you have the time and resources, a great way to entertain and teach your children is to check out local art/history/science museums! Another great alternative would be the aquarium or zoo, though often these cost more money. Any of these options can be enjoyable and can spark interest in the respective topics!

4. Games and Crafts! Family time is important, and the easiest time to have it is during the summer. Set aside a night each week to play a game or do a craft with your family. This gets the brain moving and challenges creativity. Challenge each other to a bake-off, or just play a game of Go-Fish, anything that requires focus and critical thought!

It’s important to make sure your children don’t fall into the “Summer Slide” as they call it. Make sure that you are keeping your children motivated and always encouraging their inquisitive nature. There are many more ways to keep summer fun and educational, aside from the above suggestions, and I want to hear how you all are keeping your kid’s brains fresh!

Have a great week!

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