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‘Tis the Season for Teachin’

Next up this season - Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa! It’s officially time to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year. With all of the parties for hosting and the marshmallows for toasting, let’s stay cognizant of the examples we are setting for our children and of the lessons we can teach them every day. This week, I have a set of challenges to try out with your kids as we delve further into the holiday season.

💵 📝 For Cyber Monday, the day that e-commerce sales go wild, challenge your kids to think about math, budgets, and business. For younger kids, simply have them write out a holiday word problem they create using their favorite store and products with made up prices. Use this link here for the Word Problems Holiday Shopping Template. For older kids, have them role play as an online business during the shopping boom. This does not have to be complicated; simply create a word problem or two where they calculate the total cost before and after a 50% discount, a 30% discount, and a 20% discount (for example). To integrate even more skill assessment in this task, have them write the word problem in Microsoft Word and demonstrate their skill in the program. Use this link here for upper-level word problem samples.

💻 📝 🎅 Gift lists and letters to Santa during this time of year can also be a great way to have your child demonstrate their writing ability AND computer literacy. For younger kids, ask them to write out their gift list and Letter to Santa on paper and help them along the way with spelling. For our older ones, have them type out a Google or Word document on the computer to demonstrate knowledge of fonts, spell check, and formatting!

🎄😊 🎁Children have the tendency to get over-excited this time of year, so let’s use their energy for positive outcomes by keeping them on track with fulfilling chores and appropriate behaviors. Remind them often in a positive tone that good behavior and good actions lead to rewards. For example, do they know that getting all of their chores and homework done during the day, let’s say by 4:30pm, means that they can work on their Christmas lists at night, have a family game night, or possibly have a few extra minutes to watch their favorite show with you.

🤗 Lastly, I encourage you to think about what brings you joy this week as you dive into holiday memories and family traditions. For me, creativity can create all kinds of emotion, but always leads back to joy. Talk to your children about what makes you joyful and ask them what makes them joyful. Doing this will list the spirits of your home and keep your child in feeling positive, safe, and enthusiastic.

🌲❄️☃️ Continue to enjoy this season of generosity, be mindful of the ways you are educating your children and structuring their days, and stay safe. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook with me this week for more specific challenges and tips!

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