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Welcoming 2021...

It’s the home stretch of 2020..the final week...whew!

🎉 I know that the start of a new year will not “fix” or reverse what happened in 2020, but with great hope and belief, I know that 2021 will bring joy. Hard work, positive mindset, positive partnerships, and a healthy daily structure/lifestyle have certainly helped bring me joy... and perhaps that will also bring some semblance of the normalcy that we have been so desperately lacking this year. As we near the end of 2020, I think it is appropriate that we review this year. This was a year of... unexpected challenges to say the least. I want you to take some time this week to ask yourself a few questions:

▫️What was something challenging that you overcame this year?

▫️What is the most important thing you learned this year?

▫️What are you thankful for?

▫️What did you struggle with this year?

▫️What things did you not accomplish this year that you wanted to?

▫️What energized you?

▫️What 3 to 5 words would you use to describe 2020?

📦 Before we get to 2021, I know there are some stressful things we should all take care of, especially a thorough clean up. A great way to make your end-of-year cleaning a little less stressful and a little more fun is to turn it into a game for your children. You can do this by turning cleaning/organizing into a race between your kids! Create a checklist with items for each child and

whoever completes theirs first gets to choose the Family Game night game. This way, cleaning becomes fun, and they’ll be more motivated to finish quickly. Also consider taking inventory of your child’s bedroom, virtual learning area, and homework spot. Wipe it down, sharpen those pencils, restock the printer paper, and even consider clearing out your child’s school email inbox, downloads folders, website cookies, etc. to

ensure that everything can run as smoothly as possible when the school bell rings again next week.

😁 In the upcoming year, I want to encourage all of you to find joy in the simple moments. This year has proven that we are built to persevere. Through a global pandemic, being trapped in our homes, and seeing sickness and discontent on every platform and all around us, we still found ways to have fun. Whether that was through zoom meetings or written letters or family game nights, we still cultivated human connections and collectively came together to find that joy. Going forward, I think it is especially important to intentionally continue creating those human and social connections in a way that makes you feel good!

💙 Last but not least, I want you to know that you are valuable. Then, pass this message along to you students and/or your children that they are also valuable. Oftentimes, these types of sentiments come across as cheesy, but it is so important for everyone to understand their own value. Your value as a person comes intrinsically; it is not something that is decided by other people or societal standards. You were worth something before someone else decided you were. Go into 2021 with this knowledge and remember it always. Instill this value in the children around you and see their confidence bolster them to grow to their fullest potential.

🎉 I hope you all had wonderful holidays and I wish you all the best

as we head into 2021. Stay focused, remember your worth, and enjoy all the moments of your life. Happy New Year!

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