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This card deck is used to support a child's semantic memory. Semantic memory is the ability to remember "facts" or general knowledge that need to be memorized. Oftentimes, kids with reading disabilities, like Dyslexia, tend to face challenges with their verbal semantic memory.


The 40 cards have been placed into three categories:

I. Sequences

II. Language Arts Vocabulary

III. Other/Miscellaneous


The 40 cards contain simple visuals on the front side (the question) and the back side (the answer) of each card.


A tracking log has been included in the download for the parent, teacher, and/or therapist to use to ensure that the cards are adequately and routinely practiced.


All questions have been presented to dozens of students and practiced to help them towards mastery. The best part is that they become more confident!


Once purchased, you will receive an instant PDF download.  Scroll to the end for step-by-step instructions and recommendations to turn the printed download into physical flashcards. 


Once assembled, you are well on your way to helping your student become more proficient in their verbal memory skills!

Verbal Tasks to Increase Long-Term Rote Verbal Memory (Digital 40 Card Deck)

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