Joy is in the journey to help all children and families

reach their dreams.


Mission & Philosophy

My mission is to provide students and their parents with the tools, tips, and technology necessary to overcome ANY academic and social-emotional difficulty. 


I help kids develop a positive mindset through academic remediation so they can feel good and create a life of functionality that extends to all areas of daily life. 

Every child and parent deserves a meaningful and enjoyable learning journey.  My goal is to help children and their parents minimize school-related frustration.  I do this by identifying the child's areas of deficit through Structured Literacy Testing.  I then develop and design a remedial program to be given in the student's home or virtually at least once per week utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach and Executive Function Tutoring.  Consistent collaboration and communication with the parents is top priority to best service the child.


Genny of all Trades, LLC is a combination of 12 years of professional experiences as a certified special education teacher, learning disabilities teacher-consultant (LDT-C), case manager, educational evaluator, Orton-Gillingham tutor, and Executive Function coach. 


I infuse positive energy and consistent action into lesson planning and tutoring sessions to best serve the child and parents.

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Millburn, NJ


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