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We provide certified Dyslexia tutoring and Executive Function coaching so students can perform at their best in and out of school. 

Lily has made such great progress in reading and looks forward to her sessions with Genny. Genny has helped her build confidence in reading and made her WANT to read!

Mission & Philosophy

Joy is in the journey to help all children and families reach their dreams.


My mission is to provide students and their parents with the tools, tips, and technology necessary to overcome ANY academic and social-emotional difficulty. 


I help kids develop a positive mindset through academic remediation so they can feel good and create a life of functionality that extends to all areas of daily life. 

Every child and parent deserves a meaningful and enjoyable learning journey.  My goal is to help children and their parents minimize school-related frustration.  I do this by identifying the child's areas of deficit through Structured Literacy Testing.  I then develop and design a remedial program to be given in the student's home or virtually at least once per week utilizing the Orton-Gillingham approach and Executive Function Tutoring.  Consistent collaboration and communication with the parents is top priority to best service the child.

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Genny of all Trades, LLC is a combination of 15 years of professional experiences as a certified special education teacher, learning disabilities teacher-consultant (LDT-C), case manager, educational evaluator, Orton-Gillingham tutor, and Executive Function coach. 


Genny and her tutors infuse positive energy and consistent action into lesson planning and tutoring sessions to best serve the child and parents.

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About Me

About Me

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